Why Hire Attorney John Cossum?

You Can’t Beat Experience and Personalized Representation!

When you are faced with a legal matter, you need someone you can count on — an experienced and truly qualified lawyer rather than just any lawyer. When you are making your selection in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, make sure to consider the Law Offices of John S. Cossum!

John Cossum has over 25 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and family law practitioner. Mr. Cossum is committed to providing each client with top-quality, personalized representation. Furthermore, he provides legal aid to his clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Hire a Defense Lawyer with Experience as a Prosecutor

When you hire the Law Offices of John S. Cossum for your criminal defense case, you get to work with a lawyer who has experience working on both sides of the criminal justice system. As a former Special Crimes Prosecutor and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Mr. Cossum has experience prosecuting criminal matters, which means he has direct knowledge of how prosecutors build their cases. With this knowledge, he makes himself all the more valuable as a criminal defense lawyer!

Here are a few reasons to consider Attorney Cossum for your criminal defense:

  • He has served as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer.
  • He has experience handling both state and federal cases.
  • He has successfully defended thousands of clients accused of all types of charges.
  • He provides legal representation that is personalized to the client’s needs.

Choose a Family Law Attorney Who is Sensitive to Your Needs

Going through a divorce or custody battle is rough on every member of the family. At our firm, Mr. Cossum explains how various legal strategies could affect you and your loved ones. At times, these strategies can have a major impact that may cause you to change your lifestyle, schedule, and career. Our job is to facilitate your transition through your changing relationship with your family members and make the changes go as smoothly as possible. We truly care about protecting the rights and well-being of both you and your loved ones!

We Guarantee Confidentiality

The bond of trust between you and your lawyer is incredibly important. Because Mr. Cossum values that trust more than anything, you can rest assured that he will keep your legal matters confidential so you can protect your privacy. If you would like discuss the details of your case in a safe and private setting, please make sure to call us at (602) 553-1175 for a free case evaluation!

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Why Choose John S. Cossum?

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
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