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What Types of Cases Can the Law Offices of John S. Cossum Help With?

There are two areas that we specialize in: criminal defense law and family law. Whether you are arrested for a crime or just trying to keep your family together, we understand and are here to protect you. Consider our attorney to be your friend helping you out of a legal jam. We lend you our ears to listen and our hands to guide you toward your best option for the future. Justice for you and for all is our number one concern. A top-rated attorney can help you find that justice.

The Law Offices of John S. Cossum’s practice areas include:

  • Criminal law: Criminal practice includes quality representation in defending allegations of drug offenses, DUIs, and white collar crime. We also provide defense for white collar crimes and criminal trial work. We believe in the age-old adage of "innocent until proven guilty" and will protect your rights under the law, no matter what crime you are accused of. Assessing your options for trials and a strategy for your defense is something we have experience doing nearly every day.
  • Family law: Custody battles and divorces are some of the most emotionally distressing cases for clients of any attorney. We endeavor to facilitate a smooth transition into a new family structure, making the change as stress-free as possible. Your information is held in the strictest confidence and can be barred from family members and other parties at your discretion. We understand the importance of your privacy in legal matters as well as in life, and we will remain professional regardless of the circumstances.

If you aren't sure if John S. Cossum is the right Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer or family law attorney for you, give Mr. Cossum a call at (602) 553-1175. His honest opinion of your case is waiting just a phone call away.

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